Welcome to Uspenskaya district

Gennadiy Klavdiyevich Bakhilin,
Head of the Municipal Formation Uspenskoye District:

- More than 40 thousand people of 47 nationalities live in our district. This determines the original local flavor, and hospitality and diligence combine representatives of all peoples living in the Uspenskoye District. Most of the population of the district (more than 60% people) works in the agricultural sector of economy, a basic branch of the economy of our district. Enterprises of the Municipal Formation reached a new qualitative level of the development over the past few years. The volumes of the production of grain crops, sugar beet, sunflower, soybeans, fruits and vegetables, milk, meat of cattle and poultry grow year by year.

Uspenskiy Sakharnik JSC is rightly considered to be the largest production in the district. The processing volume of the enterprise amounted to 1.6 million tons of sugar beet and production of 213 thousand tons of sugar for the season of 2017-2018. A significant contribution to the development of the district economy is made by such enterprises as Konokovskiy Elevator JSC, Istok Project Industrial Construction Corporation LLC, Michurinskoye JSC, Maryinskoye JSC, Agrosakhar Agricultural Firm LLC, the North Caucasian Plant of Metal Structures LLC and others.

The investment activity is being dynamically developed. The following major investment projects have been implemented over the past 5 years: the reconstruction of the livestock complex of Maryinskoye CJSC, the construction of the storage base for mineral fertilizers of PhosAgro-Kuban LLC, the reconstruction of a poultry factory of Stavropol Broiler CJSC in Maryino Village, and the construction of workshop of hot zinc plating of the North Caucasian Plant of Metal Structures LLC.

Our main bonuses for investors are an advantageous geographical location, successful transport logistics and wealth of natural resources, the main of which are Premium class oil and gas. In addition, the district has free labor resources and is provided with facilities intended for social needs. All this creates comfortable conditions for attracting investment capital.

We are open to implement your ideas and projects of any complexity, and we invite potential investors for mutually beneficial cooperation. Our team will provide favorable conditions for both large investors and representatives of small and medium-sized enterprises.