The fisheriesТ industry development strategy until 2025 is underway in Kuban

A holistic approach towards the development of all industry lines underlies the document.

As reported by the Press-service of the administration of Krasnodar region, the documents will incorporate the projects on the construction of new fish breeding and fish processing enterprises capable of ensuring output of quality fish products of the advanced processing. Today Kuban has sufficient practical experience of using open-channel waters. The regional law governing relationships in the area of agricultural commercial fish farming has been adopted and currently applicable in the region. Many provisions of the given law could have been taken as a basis for the federal statutory acts to be adopted.          

Following the results of the third quarter, the fish industry shows a positive momentum. The fishing catch made 22.5 thousand tons with a growth rate of 148% by the year 2014. 12.5 thousand tons of commodity fish were produced, while the growth rate accounted for 110%. 24.6 thousand tons of commodity & food fish products were produced, while the growth rate accounted for 138% as compared to the year 2014.    

One of the priority lines in developing Kuban fisheries’ industry is to use natural reservoir waters for commodity fish and shellfish breeding. Nowadays around 30 thousand hectares of the embanked areas of steppe rivers are used for fish farming. Last year 13 thousand tons of fish were bred here; that accounts for 75% of the total volume of the produced fish across the region. A substantial potential is enshrined in using the Black Sea waters to establish farms for breeding such valuable species of fish and shellfish as salmon, seabass, Dorado, mussels and oysters.

Source - Investment portal of Krasnodar region