УNestle KubanФ factory in Timashevsk has celebrated its 10th anniversary

Currently, the annual production output of the enterprise exceeds 30 thousand tons of coffee products.

"Nestle-Kuban" is one of Nestle largest coffee factories across the globe and one of the most ambitious investment projects of the company in Russia. Today, NESCAFÉ products account for more than 30% of the Russian market of instant coffee supplied not only to the local regions but also to CIS countries. For the time being, the factory has been maintaining the complete cycle of production of natural instant agglomerated and lyophilized coffee and producing instant coffee drinks.

In 2015, the factory introduced new products to its product assortment. A new equipment was installed within the framework of the projects; the investment amount ran at approximately 200 million rubles. The cumulative amount of investments into the construction, expansion and upgrading of "Nestle Kuban" totals more than 11.5 billion rubles. 

Over 1100 full-time employees, the majority of which are residents of Timashevsk district – work at the enterprise. "Nestle" places high emphasis on the social sphere and rolls outs a program for "Generation of common values". Thus, in conjunction with the administration of Timashevsk district the company carries out a wide range of projects aimed at providing support to childcare institutions, low-income nationals, equipping the town with services and utilities and promoting a cultural life.

Source - Investment portal of Krasnodar region