УKuban-WineФ company has captured prizes at the international competitions

The Kuban producer won four bronze medals in Hong-Kong and five silver medals – in Vienna.

"Kuban-Wine" won the first four medals based upon the results of "The Cathay Pacific Hong Kong International Wine & Spirit Competition" – an Asian wine competition running for seven years now. As reported by the administration for viticulture, enology and alcohol industry of Krasnodar region, the Kuban producer has been participating in this competition for three consecutive years now. The experts in the competition were professionals from China, Singapore, Japan, Taiwan, Korea and India, including Debra Mayburg, a wine master from Hong-Kong, and Simon Tum, a Chinese expert in gastronomy and wine.

The wine produce from Krasnodar region won a silver medal at the International wine-tasting competition "International Wine Challenge – AWC-Vienna 2015" running for 12 years. Apart from five medals, the wines "Chateau Taman" were marked with two honorable distinctions.

It is worth noting that all wine taste tests at the competition are blindfold tests, while the judging rules are one of the most stringent across the globe, the fact that enables to qualify AWC Vienna for one of the most challenging tasting continental competitions. In the year 2015, over 11 thousand wines from more than 40 countries were presented to the judges.

Source - Investment portal of Krasnodar region