Agroholding Kuban and french company Maisadour Semence intend to create a o-brand

The companies have signed an Agreement of intent to conduct joint operations within the framework of promotion of the related seed business.  

As reported by AgroHolding "Kuban", both companies intend to merge their research & development activities in the area of corn, sunflower, rape breeding and other types of seeds as well as the production capacities deployed in Russia for joint seed positioning for distribution purposes and for agricultural producers.

Following the execution of the Agreement of intent to cooperate, AgroHolding "Kuban" and Maisadour Semence will embark on preparing conditions for a global business partnership, which is planned for the year 2017. Over this period, the companies will be able to share best practices in corn breeding, expertise in seed growing and preparation technologies for marketing. The companies will develop a plan to promote joint sunflower breeding.    

As early as in spring 2016 AgroHolding "Kuban" will carry out the first experiments on growing Maisadour Semence parent corn and sunflower on hybridization plots, including plough land plots under the irrigation. The grown seeds will be prepared for further sowing at Ladozhsky corn calibration factory of AgroHolding. In summer, 2016 it is planned to start the analysis of genetics of the selective breeding results within the nurseries of both companies, to conduct crossbreeding and select the corn and sunflower lines meeting the demands of the core market segments.  

In the long view, the companies consider the prospect of generating a co-brand with its subsequent introduction to new markets. Along with that, AgroHolding "Kuban" considers launching the hybrids of Maisadour Semence under its own brand "Ladozhskiye" across the entire territory of Russia.

Source - Investment portal of Krasnodar region