195 large-scale investment projects are being implemented in Kuban

The total value of the projects being accomplished in the year 2015 equals approximately 1 trillion rubles, while the project completion deadline is expected to be until 2030.

According to the figures obtained from the municipal units of Krasnodar region, the accomplishment of these projects will enable to create 22 thousand new workplaces, of which 7.6 thousand were already set up. 

Tax revenues at all budget levels from the launch of new enterprises, upgrading or reconstruction of the existing production units are estimated at 47.5 billion rubles.

The agro-industrial complex, health resort & touristic, transport, construction areas, industrial sector and fuel & energy complex (FEC) take the lead in implementing the highest number of the investment projects.

It is important to emphasize that as of today 33 large-scale investment projects have been completed in Krasnodar region. Specifically, the total amount of the investments raised for the related implementation accounts for more than 41 billion rubles. Almost 1800 new workplaces were eventually created, while annual tax revenues at all budget levels are estimated at around 1.5 billion rubles. It is expected to complete 30 more projects, the fact that will enable to set up 1900 new workplaces in the region. The consolidated budget of the region will be replenished for 745.5 million rubles.    

Source - Investment portal of Krasnodar region