Social and Economic Situation in Uspenskoye district

General information of the Municipal Formation

The Uspenskoye District is located in the southeastern part of the Krasnodar Region. The area of the district is 1,130 sq. km.

The district center is the village of Uspenskoye. The distance from the city of Krasnodar is 252 km, and that one from port cities: Novorossiysk is 383 km, Yeysk is 348.9 km, and Temryuk is 396.1 km.

The Municipal Formation includes 10 rural settlements: Veselovskoye, Volnenskoye, Konokovskoye, Kurgokovskoye, Malaminskoye, Nikolayevskoye, Tryokhselskoye, Ubezhenskoye, Urupskoye, and Uspenskoye.

There are 32 settlements in the territory of the Uspenskoye District including 8 villages, 2 Cossack villages, 15 farms, 4 small villages, and 3 mountain villages.

The Uspenskoye District shares its borders with the Stavropol Region in the east, with the Otradnaya District of the Krasnodar Region in the south, and with the Novokubansk District of the Krasnodar Region and the city of Armavir in the west.

65 enterprises of all forms of incorporation, as well as 2,198 individual entrepreneurs, are registered in the district.

Agricultural specialization with a well-developed processing industry predetermines the structure of the district's economy, in which manufacturing, retail trade, and agriculture have the largest share.

Climatic Conditions

The Uspenskoye District is located in the moderate continental climate zone characterized by hot summers and cool winters. The average air temperature in summer is +23-25°С, and that one in winter is -3-4°С. The frost-free period lasts for 185-220 days.

The Municipal Formation belongs to the zone of unstable humidification; precipitation of up to 500 mm falls here annually. Precipitation is short-term; they are often showery in the spring and summer periods.

Winds are predominantly eastern and southeastern. The danger is represented by the eastern ones, with a speed of 15-16 m/s and higher.

Characteristics of the Labor Resources of the Territory

39,127 people live in the Uspenskoye District, of which 23,797 people are of working age, which is 60% of the total population.

In total, there are 11,436 pensioners and 7,658 underages are registered in the district. The share of the population older than working age averages 30%; the share of the population who has not reached working age is 20%.

Strategic Directions for the Development of the Municipal Formation

The Uspenskoye District has a high potential for further development: favorable climatic conditions, a variety of non-metallic raw materials (gypsum, clay, lime, and gravel and sand mixture), and more.

The economy of the Uspenskoye District is represented by the following sectors of the economy: agriculture, processing industry, construction, transportation and communications, retail trade, public catering, and the service sector.

To achieve this goal, it is necessary to solve some social and economic problems that are in dialectical unity:

Agriculture is one of the priority sectors of the district's economy. The main areas of agriculture are animal husbandry and crop production (growing crops).

For successful development, it is necessary to solve the following tasks:

  • achievement of high provision with modern and innovative engineering infrastructure necessary for the maintenance and growth of the industrial sector;
  • minimization of environmental damage from industrial activities in the context of increasing economic activity;
  • increasing the competitiveness of manufactured goods and services; creation of favorable conditions for the functioning of enterprises and the development of industry, and the creation of new jobs;
  • increasing the investment attractiveness of the district for internal and external investors contributing to the activation of not only the business sector but also the social sphere of the district.
  • improving the quality of the living environment for the population of the district, implementing programs for the development of education, medicine, culture, sports, and developing projects for the improvement of rural settlements in the Uspenskoye District.

Following the Strategy for the social and economic development of the Krasnodar Region until 2030 in the Eastern Economic Zone, the following priorities for the development of the district are determined:

  • agriculture;
  • the industrial sector;
  • construction;
  • transportation and logistics.